Run, fat boy, run

I’m back!

My last post was at the beginning of November – ooops! Mum has been busy in the interim applying for a few jobs which has taken up blogging time but we’re committed to a new post going live on the first Saturday of each month as a minimum.

The job hunt continues unfortunately – but enough of her, it’s all about me!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware of the grave news I received when I trotted to the vet at the start of January for my annual boosters.

I’m too fat.

I was subjected to the usual cursory once-over – the ‘annual health check’, which sounds rather more grand than it actually is – and the vet announced that I was overweight.

Wilson on the summit of Sugarloaf mountain in Wales
This is me at the summit of Sugarloaf mountain in Monmouthshire – fortunately calorie-free!

I’d hit the scales at 25.7kg that day which doesn’t sound excessive to me. However mum has admitted that she was being too free with the treats – and not deducting them from my meat tally – as well as giving me too much at mealtimes (as it turned out).

And the hot summer last year meant I was exercised less than usual, which did lead to me piling on a few pounds.

So she wasn’t overly surprised to be told I needed to lose some weight, but she disagreed with the vet that I must get back down to 20kg. She pointed out that I looked way too thin at that weight, and that one of his colleagues had said at the time that it “wouldn’t harm” me to put weight on.

You can’t win, eh?

We’re aiming to get me down to 23kg, and will review what I look and feel like at that weight. It might be that I lose up to a kilo more but maybe not.

Wilson at the vet surgery
Unimpressed ears at the vet surgery

The vet was very clear that losing weight cannot be done by exercise alone and in fact this could cause problems such as arthritis. Mum thinks this is probably more the case if you’re dealing with a grossly overweight dog but she gave him the benefit of the doubt, given that he’s spent years at vet school and she hasn’t, hahaha.

So it’s a combination less food and plenty of exercise. I’ve just had another week in the Forest of Dean, which saw mum walk 60km and I probably clocked up at least 100km so I think that’s a pretty good start.

And I’ve also been swimming at K9 Aquacise. I was weighed when I last went – unfortunately I was wet after my shower so it might not be a true reflection – but I had gone down to 25.1kg in just under three weeks.

Not bad, huh?

The work continues though. Treats are still being rationed which is rather a bore, and I’m getting about 200g less meat per day.

We’ve also committed to getting back to running, and mum is going to enter us in each month’s virtual race organised by K9 Trail Time.

Wilson running
We pledge to get back to more of this in 2019 – running!

Once her fitness is back up to something approaching, well, fitness, she would like to enter us into a proper canicross race, with other competitors. She’d quite like not to vomit once she makes it over the finish line though, so for now it’s just the two of us getting back on it.

So watch this space – we’ll post our virtual race times on Twitter and Instagram, and hopefully see them getting smaller (like my waistline) as the year progresses.

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  1. Emma
    February 2, 2019 / 17:08

    Well done Wilson. Your weight loss plan is going better than mine! Keep it up. X

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