Life lately…September 2018

Wilson sitting in some purple heather

Hello woofers!

I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up post on what’s been going down and what’s coming up in the world of Wilson these last few weeks.

Earlier this week mum was a complete rotter and took me to Absolute Canine to be groomed. I go every three months or so and I’m not a fan.

Nikki, my groomer, does a really good job of calming me down but it’s fair to say I can’t wait to get outta there! Let me give you an example: I got out of the car, realised exactly where I was going and hopped straight back into my crate!

Sadly it didn’t work and I was taken to Nikki. Mum stays with me to calm me down, and truth be told I was pretty good. Stoic would be the word.

Wilson on the grooming table

Not very dignified, really

I was a bit knotty, so my trousers have been trimmed right back. Nikki always gets a bit twitchy doing this as my undercoat is a different colour so it’s really obvious that I’ve been cut, and she spends ages ‘blending in’.

Her parting words were: “It’s a bit like having your fringe cut, it takes a few days to settle down!”

To add insult to injury on the way home, mum trapped my tail when she closed the boot of the car. Normally she’s very careful to ensure the floof is out of the way, so I milked it a bit with sad eyes and a big yelp.

I was groomed because we’re off to the Forest of Dean for a week later this month, and mum wanted me looking neat and tidy for all the dog walking that’s planned.

She’s praying it’s not wet and muddy. I’m praying it is.

The weekend before we leave cousin Nelly is staying with us! Auntie C says she won’t need much (any, really) walking as she’s 11 now and, quite honestly, only really interested in what she can eat next. Likes her food, does Nelly!

Wilson sitting down with mouth open

This was pre-groom – can you spot all the seeds in my fur?

I doubt I’ll have any whiskers left by the time we all head to the Forest of Dean as her favourite snackette is to nibble them off! We’ve both got to travel to the forest in my crate, so that’ll be, er, interesting.

We usually all stay in the same cottage but this time mum and I have our own accommodation, with the others in another cottage on the same site. Gives us all a bit of respite from one another – and as mum says, double the fridge space for wine!

I went swimming at Pam’s pool the other week, for the first time in three months. Mum had to keep rescheduling my appointment for various reasons. Pam weighed me and I’ve put on a kilo since May!

Mum puts it down to all the sausages granny has been feeding me, and the much shorter walks I had during the really hot weather. She’s reduced my food slightly, and we’re now out and about for longer walks – three hours yesterday and more than two today, for example – so fatty Wilsy should be a thing of the past soon!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen that I appeared on UK Cop Humour‘s feed, with a couple of its ‘Thin Blue Line’ patches. It had more than 1,000 likes! I post daily on my IG Stories, so head over there if you want more Wilsy photos and videos – and on Twitter of course. Just a bit of fun.

Mum has instigated a new law. Unless she’s actively throwing my ball for me, I’m no longer allowed to carry it in my mouth. I’ve just lost the fourth toy this year doing just that. I carry it for ages and then when she’s not looking I drop it.

Wilson with his Kong toy that's now lost

Me with my Kong ball – now lost (another one…)

If she’s lucky she notices pretty soon and makes me sniff it out again. But in the space of three weeks I’ve deposited two Kong SqueakAir rope balls without her realising, never to be seen again. Well, not by us at any rate.

She said she may as well just burn a tenner every few weeks as it amounts to the same thing. Get over it, mother!

Anyway, she said that to spite me she’s going to buy me some new brushes and combs when she buy some replacement balls. That’s not playing fair, is it?

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