Reasons to love the seasons – summer

Wilson enjoying a walk

Summer lovin’, had me a blast…

Not that I can’t have a blast in the depths of murky and miserable winter but summer is just, well, better. In every way.

Even without meeting a girl crazy for me – or a boy cute as can be, for that matter. Although I suspect there’s no boy cuter than me at any rate.

So, we’ve had the spring version of this post and now that we’re truly into summer here are the seasons we like this season so much.

Daylight Yes, I know this was included in the spring post but it’s worth saying again. It’s getting light by 4:30am and staying that way until gone 9:30pm, and what’s not to love about that? Even if we’re not actually doing anything, the fact that mum can take me out for a walk in the evening if she wants to is a great feeling.

In fact, that’s what she did with Rebecca from Big Mug of Tea a few weeks ago and a good time was had by all. Rebecca wrote about it on her blog – as well as a separate post about needing a poo while out running! We do love an honest blogger! It reminded mum of when she got caught short while out running me a few years ago – we shall leave to your imaginations the exact details but suffice to say that I took rather too much interest in proceedings! BOL!

Sunshine Not necessarily something associated with an English summer but it has to be said that the weather in May and June has been pretty decent. I’ve had some fabby walks with mum at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP), and with Pam, Kai and Rusty from the search dog team at Spearywell Wood. Mum’s even cracked out the off-road trainers and we’ve done our first run together for months. That said, running dogs in summer is always a sporadic affair with the mercury rising on the thermometers.

Wilson under a thundery summer sky

OK, not every summer day promises sweltering sunshine – this was taken in June 2016

Nature comes out to play Not only squirrels but bunnies and bees and birds and all sorts of things that I take (rather too much of) an interest in. ‘Being present’ seems to be a phrase that’s in vogue these days and it’s something that mum tries to do on walks. She’ll often spend a few moments listening to the sounds of birdsong, waves lapping or the breeze rustling through the grasses. It builds up a bank of things to remember during those times when life is a bit less enjoyable.

A case in point – one of the things she remembers most from her three months between jobs after taking voluntary redundancy in 2016 (tip to anyone thinking of taking VR – do it), is a walk at QECP. We scooted off the main track and she spent a few minutes just listening. There was the sound of sheep baa-ing and cows mooing in a field not too far away, and a light aircraft flying overhead. The dappled sunlight through the trees lit up the forest floor. It was literally only a few minutes but the memory flits through her mind surprisingly often.

The longest day This one is a bit of a double-edged sword, admittedly – marking as it does the slide into darker evenings. But there’s an element of renewal come 21 June – six months through the year, with a definite benchmark date for any goals to aim for before the shortest day rolls around in December.

Wilson with flowers on shingle

Clouds, yes – but also flowers growing out of the beach! You don’t get that in winter

Everyone’s in a better mood They just are. Summer = smiles.

Clothing Or rather, the lack of it. Particularly on saggy, fat, hairy old men. Well, I am a dog ergo I like disgusting things. So saggy, fat, hairy old men wearing shorts, sandals and not much else are my idea of heaven!

Actually, scrub that. They’re gross.


  1. June 27, 2018 / 04:55

    You should pop up to Scotland for hols, doesn’t get past dusk here in the summer 🙂 mind you, Emma doesn’t get much sleep but that just means more walkies! Nice blog x love Otter (Two Blue Dogs Designs musician!)

    • Wilson
      July 2, 2018 / 15:11

      I’ve been to Scotland – near Loch Long. I loved it! Me and mum would love to go back but it’s a 10 hour drive from way down here on the south coast.

  2. June 30, 2018 / 17:05

    I love the lighter evenings and mornings but hate the heat!

    Thank you for my little mention 🙂

    • Wilson
      July 2, 2018 / 15:10

      The heat is a problem for us doggos but mum fully agrees about the longer, lighter daylight hours.

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