Reasons to love the seasons – spring

Wilson on beach

It was a long time coming but at last spring seems to be with us and the bank holiday weekend is looking to be a scorcher!

By that of course, I mean we’ve had a handful of days where I’ve not come back from a walk looking like a swamp monster. Days like yesterday, when the above photo was taken.

Mainly though, we’ve had days like below – snapped just eight days ago in the pouring rain.

Wilson and mum on a wet walk

Mother was mildly unimpressed

Anyone else think that seasons are becoming a thing of the past? Climate change is meant to bring hotter, drier summers and milder, wetter winters – but it all seems to merge into 12 months of ‘meh’, and it’s just the daylight levels that change.

Anyway, spring remains mum’s favourite season if only for the fond hope that it heralds warmer weather, nature bursting into colour and the chance to dream – aka delude herself – that so much more will be achieved now that it’s not going to be dark at 4pm.

Me? I don’t much care as long as I’m fed, walked and have somewhere comfortable to snooze.

Wilson jumping

Someone say ‘treat’?

But in the spirit of the title of this post here are the reasons we love spring (really).

Daylight This is ever more important for mum, being a shift worker. There’s nothing like getting up in the afternoon between night shifts and it’s already dark. This is not one of life’s little joys – but it remaining light beyond 8pm is. We’re going to start going for an occasional evening stroll on rest days, and we already like having a relax in our little garden as the sun goes down.

Birdsong One of life’s simple pleasures is listening to birdsong, according to mum. I confess I’m not that fussed but I am partial to thundering through the house into the back garden to woof at them.

Spring flowers Daffodils, crocuses, forget-me-nots, primroses, blossom, bluebells – the first pops of floral colour after the browns and greys of winter are a feast for the eyes, even if they don’t have any scent as far as you humans are concerned. Talking of bluebells…

Photographer taking photo of Wilson

So, this happened – photographer Tracey Rich has been taking photos of me again. Mum took this one but keep your eyes peeled on the blog for her far superior versions!

Bumble bees These things are the chinooks of the insect world – they look bulbous and a bit clumsy, as if they really shouldn’t be able to get airborne. But get airborne they do and they’re surprisingly agile. I’m also very partial to trying to catch a bumble bee but thankfully – says mum – so far I’ve been unsuccessful. I’ve not yet tried to eat a chinook.

Holidays We love holidays in the UK and later this month we’re off to Penrhiwllan in Wales for a few nights with my cousins, auntie C and uncle J. We can’t wait! Splendid walks, followed by a few glasses (ahem, bottles) of wine for the humans and, hopefully…

…Barbecues Oh barbecue, how I love thee. Or more to the point, oh barbecue sausage how I love thee.

Wilson walking on woodland path

The sun does come out occasionally during spring – we could happily wander for hours through woodland like this

The promise of summer It has to be said one of the best bits about spring is the fact that summer is stretching out ahead, and with it that hope that it won’t be a washout. And winter is three seasons away from rearing its dreary head again.

Walks Now of course I love me a walk at any time of the year – our S2S Walk in January proved that – but mum does prefer it when I arrive home just about as clean as when we started. And the longer daylight hours means we can start early or finish later and not have to resort to a torch, map and compass to navigate our way back to the car.

Over to you – what do you like most about springtime?

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  1. B
    May 6, 2018 / 21:05

    Brilliant, love it.
    Would be nice to see you sometime in the future. I’m sure May is pretty full for you as it is for me. June, although a long way away looks promising, please let me know.

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