Picture Post #2

Who doesn’t love a photo of Wilson, eh?

For some reason mum has always taken photos of me on walks, right from when I was a puppy. Maybe she had a premonition that she’d need to feed the beast that is Twitter, or that she’d start this blog.

Over the years I’ve pretty much perfected the art of posing when mum whips out her phone on our walks, and once I hear the click of the (fake) shutter, off I happily trot…until the next time she sees some nice scenery/flowers/decides to throw things in the air.

So, without further ado let’s see what this Picture Post has to offer.

Wilson with swans

Swans for ears! This was taken a few years ago – mum is using my very first lead – at the creek near our house. Ever one to appreciate nature in all its forms (or to bark at it), I eyeballed these two swans and mum took a photo at just the right moment

Water is one of my favourite things which is just as well as we’re a mile from the Solent. Naturally, lots of our walks are along the shore. My favourite thing is when mum throws stones for me – well out of my reach to avoid any teeth calamities – but I’m partial to a paddle too.

Wilson paddling

I never quite learn that seawater isn’t refreshing to drink

One of the best things about having a dog, according to mum, is the fact it forces you to explore your local area. We’ve discovered some cracking walks within a few miles of home and one of those is the Chilling Coastal Area. The next photo was taken at Chilling Copse on a cold winter’s day. A patch of frosty ground caught mum’s eye.

Frosty ground

Always remember to look down as well as up – the frosty leaves here look quite striking. As do mum’s red wellies, which cost £90 from a specialist welly website (there is such a thing) and didn’t last much longer than 18 months before they began leaking! She wears a £30 pair from B&Q now…

Now, my floppy ear is very popular with my Twitter followers and rightly so. It has a bit of a mind of its own and helps me look endearing even when I’m being a bit, er, trying. But my tail is also a thing of wonder. From weedy beginnings as a pup, it then bushed out to enormous proportions before setting down to a slightly more modest wag machine.

Wilson's tail

Look at it! Like something that belongs on the head of a 1980’s rock guitarist

Now, we do make our own fun on walks. While I always like a ball to chase (or a Chuckit toy to drop into the sea never to be seen again), sometimes all you need is a handful of fallen leaves.

Wilson jumping at leaves

This is one of my favourite local places to walk, Browndown Military Training Area. Access is sometimes denied when war games are being played but when it’s open it provides access to 1.5 miles of the Solent coastline plus plenty of shingle to play on and a decent sized field – which is sometimes used by a model aircraft flying club

And finally, something very serious.

Wilson in party hat

The things I have to put up with

Until next time, folks…if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in my blog then comment below or send me an email – details on the Contact page.


  1. April 30, 2018 / 07:03

    these are such excellent posts….probably my favourites. Because, LOTS of photos of Wilson!

    • Wilson
      May 2, 2018 / 08:32

      Thanks Denyse! I’m a very photogenic pooch 🐶

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