Grooming marvellous

Being groomed. Not my favourite way to spend an hour it has to be said, but it’s a necessary evil.

Grooming at home is restricted to a bit of a wrestle with mum when she wields the brush, and cutting out the occasional knot.

I refuse to get into the shower, so the Solent is usually the ‘bath’ of choice if I’m filthy – that, or the cold hose in the garden.

When I was a pup, mum tried showering me but I spent most of the time barking and trying to bite it so she gave up.

Let that be a lesson to you, kids – really persevere with the puppy training stuff because it pays off in the end.

As an aside, there are a host of dog trainers around of course, but mum certainly recommends¬†Woody’s Paws4Thought¬†if you’re in the north Hampshire area.

Look out for a future post when Kerry will be sharing her dog training wisdom on these here pages.

Wilson strutting by the Solent

My usual bathtub, more commonly known as The Solent

A couple of years ago mum set about finding a groomer for me to give me a spruce up. This turned out to be easier said than done.

As with some dog walkers, groomers in this part of Hampshire seem to be a bit hopeless with bothering to reply to emails asking if there are appointments available.

So mum gave up for a while, until a new groomers opened in our local town. Absolute Canine is run by Nikki and in addition to catering for all your dog grooming needs she stocks canicross gear too.

Wilson with Parkrun line

This running line was brought at Absolute Canine (I’m pre-groom in this photos, so not looking my best)

Get muddy on a run, get clean at Absolute Canine. Sounds like a winning formula to me.

I go every three months for a bath, dry and trim. It’s not something I love but, as Nikki says, like all collies I’m stoic about it.

Nowadays mum stays with me for a bit of reassurance while I get everything done, at Nikki’s suggestion.

I think this is a polite way of saying I’m a bit of a handful. But I am much better with mum there, she gives me some ear scrobbles and calms me down nicely.

She also whipped out her iPhone when I wore the ‘Happy Hoodie’.

This offensive piece of kit apparently dulls the sound of the blast dryer, although I reckon it’s to give the humans some entertainment.

Wilson with hood over his ears

Most undignified

I mean, really?!

As one of my chums on Twitter said – do I read fortunes too? And it hides my floppy ear!

Stop laughing at the back.

Absolute Canine provides great service. It has the big advantage for mum of being just a few minutes’ drive from home, and Nikki and her team are great with the dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I go for the basic groom – I don’t need anything fancy. So it’s a shower, dry, a close clip of my trousers, a trim of my tummy fur and feathers, and a claw cut.

Wilson having trousers clipped

Getting my trousers clipped by Nikki

It’s easier with an active dog like me to have shorter fur on my hind legs otherwise I end up with something akin to filthy dreadlocks at my rear end. And no one likes a dirty rear end, do they?

Mum really notices the difference in me in summer, when my coat can get a bit floofy. A trip to Absolute Canine thins it out a treat making me much more comfortable in the warmer months.

Do you get your dogs professionally groomed? Have you got any tips for calming dogs down when they go for a shampoo? How silly do I look wearing the Happy Hoodie?


  1. Hattie
    March 17, 2018 / 11:25

    Hi Wilson, are you sure your Mum was a Border Collie? You look more like an Afghan Hound with that hood on. I don’t like the shower either or the garden hose, we play here we go round the mullberry bush when I need a wash.
    Hattie x,xx

    • Wilson
      March 18, 2018 / 13:59

      That made mum laugh! Yes, it’s all fun and games here too when it’s bath time. And I’m currently barking at the washing machine…

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