Picture Post #1

The first in an occasional series of blog posts that are…er, how shall I put this…somewhat light on text.

In other words, mum has a few posts planned in her head but hasn’t actually found the time to splot them all down into the MacBook Pro.

Must. Try. Harder.

So, in the interests of continuing to get a new post up once every 10 days or so, I give you – a potted photographic history of little old me.

By that, I mean some random photos that mum quite likes…

Puppy Wilson sitting

Here I am soon after I went to live with mum – she got me in November 2013 so it would have been sometime around then. As you can see the ground is wet, and it felt like I never got walked in the dry for the first six months of my life. It was a very wet winter to say the least – the upside is that being out in the rain now bothers me not

You want another puppy pic? Oh go on then.

Puppy Wilson on a rug

This was a visit to one of mum’s friends, as you can see I took a shine to their rug. Mum spent most of the visit watching me like a hawk to make sure I didn’t have any ‘accidents’ – I’m pleased to report I kept it all inside!

Ok, enough of the puppy pics.

We live on the south coast of Hampshire and are lucky to have the shores of the Solent only a mile from the front door. Stokes Bay is our nearest beach, which has some great fields nearby which is where this next photo was taken.

Wilson in a field

There’s nothing I like more that running around off lead on a good walk. Mum likes the sky in this photo (and me of course)

So, here’s one of me at my favourite local stretch of beach, Browndown. It’s a military training area and not always open to the public, but when it is we’ll often be there strolling along the seashore or running up the shingle banks.

Wilson staring at camera

Mum’s friend Denyse – the founder of Barking Bakery Company before it was taken over by the lovely Jojo – said this is her favourite photo of me. I do have quite an intense stare going on. I’m probably wondering what I’ve got growing out of my floppy ear!

This next photo was taken in May 2016, after mum took voluntary redundancy from her job at the end of March and had three months off. It was taken at Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield.

Wilson at QECP

It was a lovely early summer’s day and we walked for a few hours away from the main paths. Mum said she would highly recommend taking voluntary redundancy if you get the chance – three months off work with a bit of cash in the bank and no newborn to have to spend it on was great!

The next photo was used for #TongueOutTuesday on Twitter – something we take part in every week. We have one rule: the photo must have been taken at some point during the previous week. This one was a popular tweet.

Wilson sitting in daisies

We love walking all year round but spring and summer are definitely our favourites – the dull browns of winter are banished for another year giving me the chance to pose like this

And now to the final photo – one taken by the amazing wildlife photographer Tracey Rich.

Wilson on autumn leaves

This is how the pros do it – not waving an iPhone 6 around like mum, but proper depth of field thanks to some decent camera kit. Same superlative subject matter though…

That’s it! A post full of photos of me is never a waste, is it?


  1. February 16, 2018 / 09:15

    Awwwwww so pleased you put my favourite photo in! Please do more post like these, not that there is anything wrong with your text heavy posts but I do love to look at photos of his gorgeousness.

    • February 16, 2018 / 09:16

      P.s. the flower photo? Would you believe I have never seen it before? And, it’s gorgeous! Like, competition worthy.

      • Wilson
        February 17, 2018 / 10:07

        It was very popular on Twitter, as I recall. Taken locally too!

    • Wilson
      February 17, 2018 / 10:06

      Thank you DeeK! Mum is sometimes tempted to get a proper camera – oh nooooooooo!

  2. February 24, 2018 / 15:02

    More puppy pictures please!

    • Wilson
      February 24, 2018 / 15:11

      Well, it’s funny you should say…watch this space!

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