The countdown continues…

The countdown began at the beginning of October and now it’s just a fortnight to go…

What am I talking about, I hear you cry?

My Sunrise to Sunset Walk, which mum and I are doing on 22 January. We’re walking from sunrise at 0752 until sunset at 1639 (that’s 4:39pm in old money) to raise funds for Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs and Pensions4Paws.

That’s a dog walk lasting eight hours and 47 minutes (bar a rest break or two for refreshments for us both).

Wilson standing on path

Another one of my professional photos – the shoot lasted two hours, then mum and I walked for another two hours afterwards

The idea first surfaced in mum’s mind back in summer, when she withdrew me from training with the search dog team because her shift pattern had halved the number of sessions we could realistically make.

Leaving the team completely was never going to happen, so she came up with the idea of walking from sunrise to sunset to raise funds for these two very deserving charities.

Several people have asked if it’s an organised walk – this is, whether there are lots of people taking part. The answer is no, it’s just the two of us.

As readers of this blog post will know, mum’s favourite type of dog walk is one where you don’t see many other people around, or at least only in passing. Of course, we will see other folk along our chosen route – but with no-one walking with us, she can focus on keeping me out of mischief!

It also means we can go at our own pace, whether that is slow, moderate or nippy. We’ve no set distance to achieve as such, but she does have in mind that she’d like to notch up 20 miles if all goes well – and of course, I’ll do more than this with a bit (a lot) of running about.

Wilson by an eroded beach bank

Another four hour training walk – as you can see, it was a windy day which played havoc with my fur!

Training so far has gone well. We’ve done several walks of four hours, tomorrow we plan to spend five hours stomping around Queen Elizabeth Country Park – and maybe Butser Hill – and the week before the S2SWalk we’re spending a few days in Dorset where mum plans to spend most of our daylight hours outside.

She’s confident we will both be able to do it on the day but obviously if there are any issues for either of us (but mostly me), then we will stop and head home.

At the time of writing we’ve raised £805 online and around another £50 offline. It would be amazing to raise at least £1,000! Mum has pledged to replace the admin fee taken by JustGiving (5% of the total amount raised, plus about 1.25% from every donation made by card), so that all money given by our generous supporters goes to the charities themselves.

Mum and me playing tuggy

Mum will be taking my Chuckit toy for distraction purposes – always good to have a Plan B when I’m about!

Mum was also given permission to hold a non-uniform day at work to raise funds. She was hoping to make around £80 from this but unfortunately the other shifts that took part by ‘dressing down’ didn’t take part by paying to do so. Cheek! In the end, only £30 was raised from mum’s shift – thank you E shift!

Oh, and mum’s Secret Santa at work donated £10 to our walk, as well as an energy gel which will be most welcome when her energy levels start to flag!

If you would like to sponsor us, you can until the end of January, and you can read more about the two charities we’re supporting in this post.

Everyone who gives us some of their hard earned cash will get a namecheck in one of the blog posts that we’re planning once we’ve completed the walk.

So, whaddya waiting for – head over to our JustGiving page and give us a few quid (pretty please and thank you).


  1. January 7, 2018 / 21:19

    There should be a doggy pedometer so we can see how far you go!

    • Wilson
      January 8, 2018 / 19:55

      The FitBark I wear is sort of a doggy pedometer, but it’s more of an indicative total rather than absolutely accurate. For example, mum’s iPhone said she had walked 10 miles yesterday but my FitBark said I’d done 23 miles! I did cover more distance than mum but not quite that far I’m sure. Mum’s also fairly convinced that in five hours she managed more than 10 miles, even with the hills!

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