In praise of the Web Master…

I must admit, me and mum are fans of Ruffwear gear. Yes, it’s at the pricey end of the market but it’s really good quality kit that lasts years with minimal wear.

I already had a Ruffwear Front Range harness, which did a thoroughly decent job. It served me well in Scotland when I swam for the first time outdoors – in Loch Long as it happens. I live a mile from the Solent but waited until I was 500 miles away before taking the plunge in the great outdoors. Typical, eh?! It also took me up Ben Arthur on a glorious hike taking in some fabulous scenery.

Mum had no intention of getting me another harness, until Enviro-Dogs ran a competition last year on Instagram with the Web Master harness as the prize…and we won!

Web Master harness

Look good, don’t I?

To say we like the Web Master is an understatement. We love it. It’s a great fit, it looks good (I’m sure you’ll agree from the photos that red is my colour), and despite a year of wear it looks as good as it did on day one.

The best thing though, is the handle on the top.

It has to be said that I can be quite a lively dog. My reactions are far quicker than mum’s are, so she always has eyes on me during walks to make sure I’m not getting into mischief. Hard to believe I would, I know.

The handle enables mum to get hold of me quickly and easily should she need to get me under immediate control, and maintain a secure grip on me for as long as necessary. Generally this just means taking me to the edge of a track while other walkers or cyclists get on their way, but it’s so much easier for her than trying to rummage around in my fur to get hold of my collar.

It also means she can lift me over obstacles should she need to – although generally I run through them or jump over them. More fun, see?

Wilson in Web Master harness

Our favourite type of walk – in the countryside with no one else around

There are two lead attachment points – a metal ring or a webbing loop – and five points of adjustment for a custom fit, so it doesn’t twist around when I’m on the move. There is also foam padding on the straps to maximise comfort, and you don’t need to be an expert on canine anatomical engineering to get the thing on and off.

The latest version of the Web Master retails on the Ruffwear website for £69.95, although a quick check on other websites shows you can buy it for somewhere around £55. Is it worth it?


Unless you’re after something quite specialist, the Web Master will be the only harness you need for recreational use.

That said…a modified version of the Web Master also forms the basis for Ruffwear’s Palisades Pack. This is considerably more expensive at £169.95 but the saddlebags are removable so you can use the harness with or without them.

This pack has mum getting a dreamy look in her eyes, but an extra £100 for – in effect – a couple of removable storage pockets seems a bit steep. However, it could be a worthwhile investment if you and your dog regularly go on day-long hikes or camping.

  • Do you use a harness for your dog?
  • Have you got the Palisades Pack and is it worth the extra money?


Although we won the Web Master harness in a competition, we were not asked to review it. All opinions expressed are genuine, and not influenced in any way by any external party.

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