Water, water, everywhere

I’ve previously told you about my fun swims with Pam from K9 Aquacise & Hydrotherapy – much cleaner and warmer than the Solent – but hydrotherapy itself was a mystery…

‘Always be ready with an apology’

Snowmageddon! (Sort of)

Grooming marvellous

Puppy tales

Puppy. Pupster. Pupper. Pupsy. Pup-pup. All words mum will sometimes call me. Along with some slightly more choice versions that we won’t go into here. We thought it was high…

Striking gold

Picture Post #1

We did it! (Part 2)

We did it!

We did it! Mum and I have completed our mega-walk from sunrise at 0752 until sunset at 1639 on 22 January in aid of Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs and…

The coast with the most

The countdown continues…