Dogs’ disgusting deeds

At the time of writing, mum has just returned from checking on auntie C’s dogs only to be greeted with a giant pile of poo on the carpet and a…

I am not a fur baby

Reasons to love the seasons – summer

Social butterfly

Wilson on tour in Wales

I’m home from five nights in west Wales and I had a blast! Lots of walks with stunning scenery for me and lots of wine for mum – fortunately with…

Mighty meat

QT with Wilsy…and Tracey

Reasons to love the seasons – spring

Picture Post #2

Who doesn’t love a photo of Wilson, eh? For some reason mum has always taken photos of me on walks, right from when I was a puppy. Maybe she had…

Water, water, everywhere

‘Always be ready with an apology’

Snowmageddon! (Sort of)