Social butterfly

Not so much a social butterfly, as a social (media) dog. I’ve been on Twitter since the end of 2014, when I became a trainee with Hampshire Search & Rescue…

Wilson on tour in Wales

Mighty meat

QT with Wilsy…and Tracey

Reasons to love the seasons – spring

It was a long time coming but at last spring seems to be with us and the bank holiday weekend is looking to be a scorcher! By that of course,…

Picture Post #2

Water, water, everywhere

‘Always be ready with an apology’

Snowmageddon! (Sort of)

Snowmageddon has arrived! Twice! At the time of writing, we’re in the midst of another dump of the white stuff, which is very unusual where we are a mile from…

Grooming marvellous

Puppy tales

Striking gold