QT with Wilsy…and Tracey

QT standing for Question Time, of course. Not with dullard politicians boring the pants off everyone about Brexit though. Oh no, mine is much better. Mine is with the very…

Reasons to love the seasons – spring

Picture Post #2

Water, water, everywhere

‘Always be ready with an apology’

Wise words indeed, spoken by my Twitter chum Ted and Mum too, when I asked for any lessons/hints/tips that people had learned since getting a dog. Mum has learned a…

Snowmageddon! (Sort of)

Grooming marvellous

Puppy tales

Striking gold

Who’da thunk it just a few years ago? What am I talking about? Walking dogs for a living, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m sure if you’d said in the…

Picture Post #1

We did it! (Part 2)

We did it!